The ship has the range and equipment to make autonomous expeditions all around the globe, to explore, document and collect.

The oceans cover 70 percent of our planet and the vast ocean depth represents the world’s last frontier. Some 90 percent of the ocean has not yet been explored, and offer countless opportunities if managed sustainably.

REV is designed for autonomous operations all over the world. With a range of 21,120 nautical miles at 50% service load, the vessel can sail non-stop almost 98 % the circumference of the equator. With innovative green technology, the goal is to minimize the environmental footprint of the vessel:

Hi-tech incinerator system allowing all materials including plastics, but not metal or glass, to be incinerated in an environmental positive way without producing any noxious gases and limited char. This means that the ship does not have to off-load plastic waste to shore side facilities in countries with limited ability to dispose of plastics. Every one kilogram of waste burned puts 110 kW of thermal power in the form of hot water that can be invested back into the ship’s hot water circuits.

Heat recovery on all main generators and incinerator for feeding back into hot water circuits and HVAC, reducing power demand from generators. This heat recovery system will be used to generate free fresh water through an evaporation plant.

Vard SeaQ ”Green Pilot” system, for monitoring CO2, SOx and NOx emissions in addition to other environmental parameters, wind strength, echo sounder, DGPS

Decks covered in either synthetic coatings or FSC certified wood materials

Sound and vibration reduction systems to the SILENT –R standard


Identify innovative ideas and solutions based on research and documentation. A new concept for collecting plastic from the oceans is already at the planning stage (see concept sketch).


Share and communicate research to inspire for action, raise ocean awareness and lift ocean problems higher on the global agenda.


Develop technology on board as a platform for scalable solutions.