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24 May 2018

Norwegian art to be profiled heavily on board Røkke's new research expedition vessel

Norwegian artist Magne Furuholmen has been given the main responsibility for gathering a large collection of Norwegian art on board the new research and expedition vessel. Hence this becomes an international arena for aspiring young Norwegian artists.

- The research vessel will be a venue for Norwegian art, with a focus on young high-quality artworks with international potential. Young Norwegian artists are not defined primarily by age, nor is it a prerequisite that the artists were born in Norway, but that they are part of the Norwegian art scene, says Magne Furuholmen.

The vessel is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The research and expeditions will focus on the current challenges faced by the world’s oceans, among them finding concrete solutions for removing and recycling plastic. Kjell Inge Røkke is the initiator and owner of the vessel and his company X Four-10 is in charge of planning and operating REV.
REV has the ambition of becoming a floating think-tank - an international academic and cultural meeting point for sustainable management of marine resources.

A residency program is planned for artists on board. The art on board will be considered an important voice in the dialogue about the constitution of the ocean, not pure decoration of the ship.

Magne Furuholmen has employed art historian and art theorist Åse Kamilla Aslaksen as co-curator of the project. She has experience from the Statoil Art Program and Gallery Würth, to name a few.

- Kjell Inge Røkke wants a slightly different outlook on Norwegian contemporary art for a collection that will be an important and integral part of the ship's identity and profiling.
I see this as a unique and very generous initiative towards the Norway art scene, "says Furuholmen.

For information about the REV project in general, contact:
Tone Nymoen, Marketing and Communication Manager, X Four-10 / REV
cell: 913 84 404
For information about the art program, contact:
Co-curator Åse Kamilla Aslaksen, Trafo Kunstproduksjon AS,

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15 May 2018

X Four-10 and UN Environment Program signs memorandum of understanding

May 4th, Nina Jensen, CEO of X Four-10/REV signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UN Environment Program. The purpose of the MoU is to provide a framework for further cooperation and collaboration between the two parties.

The UN Environment Programme is a strong voice within the UN system and serves as a leading authority for the global environment efforts. Today, we are proud to announce that we have signed a MoU to solidify our partnership. We share many of the same goals, and a strategic partnership will enhance our ability to make a difference when it comes to ocean-related issues. We wish to create an international platform for leading ocean knowledge, innovation and research communities, both on land and at sea. Therefore, we are excited to have UN as a partner, says CEO of X Four-10/REV, Nina Jensen.

X Four-10/REV is currently building the world’s largest and most advanced research expedition vessel, which will be launched in 2020. The company also aims to build the World Ocean Headquarter at Fornebu, bringing together researchers, voluntary organizations, businesses and various marine environments. These two initiatives will facilitate scientific groups and other stakeholders working together innovatively to find solutions to save the oceans.

- Our strategic partnership involve cooperating in creating platforms for multi-stakeholder engagement on ocean-related topics, raising awareness and implementing the Sustainable Development Goal agenda with a focus on ocean-related issues. We see this to be in line with the government’s increased focus on Norway affirming its role as a leading sustainable maritime nation, says Nina Jensen.

- We need a platform where science can translate into practical knowledge and form the basis for policy commitments. The cooperation between UN Environment and X Four-10 is a unique effort in strengthening global cooperation on sustainable ocean. We have strong hopes of achieving big things together, says Lisa Emelia Svensson, UN Environment Ocean Ambassador.

For more information please contact:
Nina Jensen, CEO of X Four-10, Cell: +47 9916 9694

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09 February 2018

Plan launched to build World Ocean Headquarters at Fornebu

(Oslo, 9 February 2018) Today, Nina Jensen, CEO of X Four-10, a subsidiary of Kjell Inge Røkke's private company TRG, launched a plan to build the World Ocean Headquarters at Fornebu. This took place at a seminar organized by Bærum municipality.

- Norway is a world-leading marine and maritime nation, and has the opportunities and prerequisites for taking on a global leadership role for the ocean. Our goal is to facilitate bringing together leading global knowledge-, innovation- and research communities at a World Ocean Headquarter at Fornebu, says Nina Jensen, CEO of X Four-10, the company that builds and owns the advanced research and expedition vessel (REV).

The TRG owned company is aiming to create a “campus” - an open space with several structures and one landmark building. The ambition is to bring together knowledge-based institutions related to such as sustainable fisheries and ocean management, shipping, marine technology, aquaculture, laboratories, science, research and NGOs to improve the state of our ocean. Apartments, hotels, offices and conference facilities can be included in this thriving knowledge center.

- The plans have been discussed with international stakeholders and institutions, and we have been met with great enthusiasm. In order to make this project happen, we are dependent on the World Ocean Headquarter being included in Municipality Plan 3 for the further building and development of Fornebu in Bærum, says Nina Jensen.

Together with TGR, Aker ASA will consider the possibilities for realizing the World Ocean Headquarters at Fornebu. Aker owns plots at Fornebu.

-Through generations, Aker and Aker-owned companies have been a driving force in the development of knowledge-based industry connected to the ocean and maritime resources. For a long time, Kjell Inge Røkke has had a vision of building the World Ocean Headquarters here, and now he wants to make it a reality. It is a fantastic initiative. Aker wants to help facilitate making this happen. What this would entail for Aker, we will address when the plans are more concrete, says Øyvind Eriksen, CEO of Aker.

Aker bought its first plot at Fornebu in 2005 and has since then strived to make the area vibrant and attractive for housing and business development. At Fornebu there is a good combination of old and new industry. The Aker quarter unites the headquarters of Aker and Aker-owned companies.

-We want to contribute to further positive development of Fornebu, says Øyvind Eriksen.

TRG has engaged leading Nordic architectural firms to prepare proposals for pilot and model buildings in line with the wishes expressed by Bærum Municipality. By June this year, the aim is to create a "campus" that will best suit the stakeholders’ needs. This will be done in close collaboration with the municipality of Bærum as a major stakeholder.

For more information please contact:
Nina Jensen, CEO of X Four-10, Cell: +47 9916 9694

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31 October 2017

Nina Jensen new CEO of X Four-10.

"I am pleased and proud to announce that Nina has accepted the offer to become the CEO of the company that operates our advanced research and expedition vessel. Together, we will improve understanding and search for more sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions for the world's oceans. WWF and Rosellinis Four-10 will continue its partnership as set forth in the existing collaboration agreement." said Kjell Inge Røkke

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